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2012-02-02 18:11:24 by SlaughterOfTheGnomes

To everyone! My first ep named It's Complicated is done and is still in the process of making it to a download near you! That brings up my second mini ep which is the ep before the ep (EPCEPTION!) it has 3 tracks which 2 I know for a fact will be on the new album which a 3rd one that might. These are my best tracks so far and the first track will drop soon.

The Tracks are (currently)

1. Phaser (Instrumental)
2. Hazard
3. Carrier

Phaser will make an extra special appearance with a vocalist on it! This is my best work and I think you will agree with that. Thanks for being patient while I get the first EP out! My first EP and my Mini EP are (ABSOLUTELY FREE) while my second full length EP will be very cheap to download but singles will be put up on Newgrounds!

Well talk to you all later!


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